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I started working with North South Management on building the Whisps Cheese Crisps business in Canada in the spring of 2019. After an extensive search of Canadian brokers/distributors North South was selected to lead the launch of the Whisps brand in Canada. Whisps has high expectations from our broker partners throughout North America and the team at North South exceeded those expectations. They worked diligently for 8 months before the first shipment and secured Whisps first listing in Canada at a leading National Grocery chain. From the outset of our partnership North South has been incredibly responsive and thorough in following up on every lead. This drive to win has led to the broad distribution of Whisps throughout Canada. Not only did North South launch Whisps in Canada, their insight helped Whisps quickly become the leading brand in terms of ACV and share position delivering an enviable growth rate in the emerging Cheese Crisps segment. They took care of everything and I would not hesitate in recommending North South to any brand/company wishing to launch into the Canadian market.

John Hall - Senior VP Sales

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I met Charles and Andrew at a trade show when their agency was in development and I was their first client. My company was just starting its journey in dealing with national chains. Through North South, we had introductions to virtually every buyer at all the major Canadian retailers. They were much more than simply our sales representatives, they got involved with and understood our business, all its challenges and advantages, and we worked together as a team. I loved how they were always available and responsive. They also assisted us with launches of new products, fine tuning them and honing the presentations to the buyers involved. Great service, all-encompassing contact list, extremely hard working, and exceptionally nice guys. Best brokers I’ve ever worked with in my 36 years in business.

Michael Eskenazi - President

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In North South Management, we have found a trusted partner for the entirety of our important Canadian business. Their professional approach to market management coupled with spot on retail expertise meets our company's goals for in-country representation perfectly. We have been thoroughly pleased with the go-to-market and business growth planning / execution spearheaded in Canada by North South. They are acutely aware of both our retail partners' goals and Rush Direct's value offerings; uniting both as they expand our footprint across the country. We are successful in Canada in large part due to North South Management.

Fritz Goodnow - Chief Executive Officer

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Charles Perez and his team at North South Management have proudly and effectively represented our company Diamond Cosmetics for the last two (2) years. Charles has a complete and thorough understanding of the entire Canadian retail marketplace. The key customer relationships that Charles has built throughout his career in Canada has enabled him to significantly build both our Diamond Brand as well as Private Label business for us. I would strongly recommend Charles and his team to represent companies seeking new sales growth in Canada.

Paul Udell - Vice President – Retail Sales

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Carlsberg Canada started working with North South Management after an exhaustive search for the right broker/distributor partner. In preparation for the launch of Carlsberg's Alcohol Free brands the team worked collaboratively to develop a clear channel based strategy that leverages their experience and relationships to deliver a compelling retailer story around profitable sales growth. The team constantly brings retailer insights to our discussions so brand owners can make the right short term and long term decisions about place, pack, price and promotion. Effective Account Management is at the heart of their broker model. The NSM team consistently delivers on their commitments and is an active partner in solving challenges that arise in a rapidly changing retail environment. We are excited for a successful second year of our partnership!

Alistair Kidd - V.P. Marketing

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Experienced Sales Leaders on the Frontline!

We believe experienced, senior CPG sales executives/leaders must be the frontline sales people who represent your brand at retail Head Offices. They know who to contact and what to say! They have been doing it their whole careers. They already have a great reputation and existing trade relationships which help your product/brand gain access to the retailer's category decision maker. That's who we are!

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New Products are critical to a Retailers Success!

We believe the lifeblood of the CPG industry are new brands/products. They represent 50% of a categories growth! They must offer both consumers AND retailers a clear, compelling and relevant point of difference vs the current assortment of listed brands. We look for this key element in the evaluation of all new product/brand representation opportunities because without it - if you are a retailer - why change?

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Clients Need to be Intimately Involved!

We believe our clients need to be part of all key retailer presentations. We need to work closely with them in order to have listing and distribution success. They are the true brand experts, we need to leverage their knowledge and passion, that's why we make a point of meeting with them regularly and providing updates weekly. You will never wonder what your broker is doing and why they haven't called back with North South Management.

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Coming to Canada Must Be Made Easy!

Canada is vast, it's a different place to "do business". As such we have a second to none ability to build a customized distribution and "back office" solution tailored to meet your company's needs. We work closely with our "sister" company - C.B. Powell - who are the experts in this field as they have been doing this for 75+ years. Together we build out a customized back office and distribution solution that minimizes your costs and maximizes the efficiencies that a well run distribution company can offer. We provide total clarity of all your distribution and retailer costs so you will know exactly how much your company is spending to distribute your brand/product in Canada.

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